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April 29, 2003

The iTunes Music Store

Yesterday Apple (everyone’s favorite computer company) unveiled a new music service called The iTunes Music Store to coincide with the release of a new version of iTunes and a revamped iPod. The service allows users to download songs for 99¢ and full CDs for around $10 a pop. In addition to that, iTunes now supports the AAC format (Advanced Audio… more »

April 21, 2003

Speaking of Sketchbooks…

…Kevin Cornell, local exotic male dancer/exotic male designer, has posted his most recent sketchbook online. I can’t help but be a bit taken back by the girth of it all. He is too talented for his own damn good. If my sketchbook looked like his I would rule the world (or at least a small island off the coast of… more »

April 20, 2003

The Jacket Thief

Someone decided to steal my new jean jacket this weekend. Friday night I was hanging out at Tattooed Mom’s on South Street with some friends. I set my jacket down on a chair next to the people I was with. Soon I noticed some people sit down next to us, one of them setting their jacket down on top of… more »

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Regarding Design

Often times I hit a wall with design. My process breaks down due to any combination of factors. Sometimes deadlines, technical requirements or just plain laziness can bring about regurgitated design on my part. The urge to just sit down and start moving things around in Illustrator is too overwhelming at times and usually only heralds boxy layouts and static,… more »

April 6, 2003

A Re-Animated Weekend

This past Saturday afternoon I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the third installment in the Re-Animator series, Beyond Re-Animator. It was showing at my new favorite Philly theater, the Bridge, as part of this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival. By far the best part of the screening was the appearance of the series’ star, Jeffrey Combs. Also, being that I… more »

April 2, 2003

Radiohead on the Sly

Some friends of mine happened upon the new Radiohead album (in mp3 form) on the internet today. I am listening to it this moment in fact. I have also heard that the internet leaks are not the final mastered versions of the songs. Whatever the case, it’s awful damn good. Some great pop action mixed with some very different structural… more »

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

Every once in a while you get an album that you can’t seem to get out of your stereo. For local crazed mustache man ROb Weychert it’s Lightning Bolt’s new Wonderful Rainbow. For me, it’s The Postal Service’s new Give Up. I just got my hands on it this weekend and have been listening to it more that what would… more »

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