July 1, 2003

Born Magazine

Its once again time for the latest issue of Born Magazine (a collaborative online creative magazine that puts artists and writers together)…but this time I was asked to take part in it. I worked with translators Zack Rogow and Hamida Banu Chopra on Indian poet Sahir Ludhyanvi’s Your Voice. Here is a description of the poem from the translators:

In “Your Voice,” the speaker addresses his lover from a distance, trying to come to terms with their separation and her reluctant acceptance of that parting. Her voice becomes the bridge that lifts him above his despair and allows him the sense that having been loved well, he can live with her absence-and even transform it into her presence through the poem. The protest against his exclusion because of his poverty is part of the poem’s subtext-”You were far away in a glittering gathering.”

I am very pleased with the outcome. Not to get too conceptual but, through the interface you are presented with a situation of separation (through language and interaction) which is representation of the poem’s themes. Here is Your Voice, feel free to tell me what you think.

Local man Kevin Cornell was also asked to contribute to this issue, his piece is entitled Spectacular Attacks. Fantastic job as always, Kevin. Great issue all around, be sure to check out the rest of the pieces.

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