January 9, 2004

Some New Year House Cleaning

There has been much going on out there in the real world lately, even though there hasn’t been much going on here. So this is the time to unload a quick recap of all things of interest.

Redesigned Sites
Mr. Zeldman’s site has a new look…again. This one is our most favorite yet. Dan over at Hivelogic hates his newly redesigned site and promises to have another go at it soon. Everyone’s favorite DIY magazine, ReadyMade, has a brand-spankin’ new site up, loaded with new features.

Also on the redesign tip, the new version of this site should be shrink-wrapped and on the shelf sometime in the next week.

Sites New to Me
My brother Peter Santa Maria and his new band The Jukebox Zeros seek to bring rock to the masses, aided by their new website. Blasting you from the past is Retrolouge, stocked with plenty of stuff from the attic. CSS Vault contains a gallery of lovely CSS sites and a collection of CSS resources. We designers are once again made useless by Ready-Made Logos, your one-stop-shop for a company logo that looks just like every one else’s. The Daily Standards highlights and reviews a new standards compliant site each and every working day. 12am is a collective design agency with a very nice little site. Sofia Kinachtchouk is a very good photographer. OurType is a font foundry with some great fonts and a very impressive Flash site.

Our short film, Dial-a-Spy, has won two awards as part of the National Film Challenge, Best in Genre for “Spy”, and Best Graphics! We are still patiently awaiting news of which 10 films from the competition will be on the National Film Challenge DVD. Any day now…


Unfortunately, Dial-a-Spy did not make it on to the competition DVD. Looks like we will just have to fuck shit up next year.

I am now the proud owner of a new iPod, not one of the new wee iPod minis, but a manly 20GB one now named Pseudopod. I am quite pleased with it (and am very thankful to those who have gifted it to me). Aside from holding all of my favorite music, it is kind enough to act as a FireWire drive for me to transport all of my work to and fro. With so many programs available for it like PodQuest (which allows you to download driving from MapQuest onto it), the iPod grows more useful daily. Though the iPod has received some bad press lately, I am confident it is merely circumstantial.

Did anyone know that Jonathan Brandis, young heartthrob from from the cross-dressing hit, Ladybugs, and Sidekicks with Chuck Norris, killed himself months ago?!

Commentary (3):

1. Peter Santa Maria says… jan 9, 2004 | 12:35 pm

You’re welcome for the iPod! Can’t wait to get one myself, in like the year 2010 when I have some extra cash again.

You did fail to mention the new Jukebox Zeros website though!


2. Jason Santa Maria says… jan 9, 2004 | 4:18 pm

I didn’t know it was official yet, I will update the post.

3. jane says… jan 12, 2004 | 6:42 pm

re: teen heart-throb jonathan brandis’ secret suicide.
i know, right! i found out like mid december and was shocked. and appalled that i didn’t know. what the crap?
everyone made a big stink about john ritter who was totally lame (save for sling blade).
but, really. j.b. starred in ladybugs and that movie rocks!