Archive: June 2004

June 29, 2004

Coudal Partners Redesigns

Coudal Partners have redesigned their website. Why, you ask, write an entire post about it? Why not just plop it in your oddities sidebar? Because it’s too damn nice for that (which is not to say the stuff in there is second rate crap). I adored the design of the old version. It was subtle, beautiful page layout, very reminiscent… more »

Apple announces Tiger and more

It is still almost a year before Apple will release (unleash?) Mac OS X Tiger, but I request Steve Jobs give me a copy now. This just looks fantastic. Spotlight is Quicksilver on speed, Dashboard gathers up all the mini-apps you use throughout the day in one place under one hot key ala Expose (hopefully they will throw together some… more »

June 23, 2004

Entering Your 27th Year

You may have noticed some strangeness this morning, people shuffling down the street with armfuls of streamers, drivers honking their horns in unison. There is a purpose to their behavior. Today marks the end of my 26th year of life and the beginning of my 27th. Today is my birthday. This past weekend also marked our third Camp Naked Terror… more »

June 16, 2004

Aged Aesthetic

As a companion piece to Cameron Moll’s That Wicked Worn Look series, I decided I would chime in with a few kernels of knowledge. Though there are many types of worn aesthetics, as you can see by my site, I love the look of aged print materials. There is a history and esteemed nostalgia associated with old editions of literature… more »

June 10, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

Man, this film is just plain quirky. I realize how silly it is to use such a stuffy word to describe a movie. People who say things are quirky are people who usually don’t understand what they are looking at. But, this film is just that. Napoleon Dynamite is the film equivalent of a song comprised of one note, bland… more »

June 8, 2004

Web Graphics and me

I would like to welcome myself aboard the Web Graphics team. There is already a wealth of knowledge contained in their site. My presence and sporadic tangental posts will surely muddy up that knowledge. Better head on over there and read up while the bar is still pretty high. Thanks for inviting me fellows!… more »

June 2, 2004

Summer-esque Slothdom

Isn’t it amazing how productivity comes to a grinding halt once the first hint of warm weather rolls around? The most puzzling part about it is that I hate the summer (I know its not summer yet, so lets call it summer-esque). Well, in a manner befitting of summer-esque slothdom, here is a loosely joined collection of miscellanea. To help… more »