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October 28, 2004


Lunar eclipses throughout history have been viewed by some as harbingers of evil. Such a magnificent feat as the moon vanishing could only mean something bad was going to happen. The Chinese used to believe the moon was being swallowed by a gigantic dragon. Eskimos used to turn over their utensils to avoid contamination, and the Japanese used to cover… more »

October 25, 2004

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Your guide to my tastes! This is how I like to get in the mood for Halloween. These are not best-of lists, these are just some of my personal favorites, so don’t yell at me if you favorite movie sucks and didn’t make the cut. Also, I don’t claim to be well read (or listened), so if you think me… more »

October 19, 2004

Rustlin’ Up Respect

Well, we did it again. The National Film Challenge rolled around two weeks ago, so we got the gang together and made another film during a sleepless weekend. It was the usual deal, at 7pm on Friday your team is given a genre, character, line of dialogue, and a prop, all of which must be represented in a 4-8 minute… more »

October 13, 2004

Halloween Traditions

When I was younger I would get dressed up every Halloween, walk with my parents around town, pilfer the county’s candy supplies, then gorge myself on the spoils until I nearly induced vomiting. Most of my costumes were admittedly lame K-mart plastic masks of Bugs Bunny and Pac-Man, but that was besides the point. The matter at hand was always… more »

October 1, 2004

October Edition

*gasp!* What the hell happened around here? It seems as though my website has gone bad and claimed its first victim. This could only mean one thing, it’s October again. Here we are, a treat to all mankind, to celebrate the greatest month of the year, bearer of the greatest holiday of the year, Halloween; I give to you the… more »