Archive: November 2006

November 28, 2006

Season’s Gleanings

It always amazes me what drivel the studios turn out at year’s end to scrape a few more bucks together. I often think that I should just make a indie Christmas film, which I gotta believe would be at least five times as good as what currently serves as cinematic cheer. The plan would be to make it on a… more »

November 14, 2006

Hide Your Shame

Another issue of A List Apart has been pushed out the door, this one contains a blendy technique for gradients, and a call to stick up for clients, particularly the difficult ones. But, this also marks another kind of day for A List Apart: the ALA Store is finally back and stocked with shirts, both new and old! Well,… more »

November 9, 2006

Remember The Alamo

Well, the last An Event Apart of the year has come to pass, and we are all back from Austin (just in time to vote). I’ve never been to Austin aside from during SXSW, and I must admit, it was odd to see the streets so empty. I walked out of our hotel and just sort of stood on the… more »

November 1, 2006


October has once again come to a close. The days have become frightfully short—the sun barely even stops by anymore—the trees are busy shrugging off their Technicolor coats, and just as Mr. C says, memories of our departed loved ones come back abruptly, and sometimes, painfully. Alas, I welcome November and bid a fond farewell to another eerie October. Sadly,… more »