Archive: October 2007

October 25, 2007

Game On

Tomorrow I’ll be playing in Coudal Partner’s Layer Tennis, a rip roaring good way to spend a Friday afternoon. Here’s how it works: Two players swap a file (in this case, a Photoshop file) back and forth in realtime “volleys”, each player adding to and embellishing the previous volley. Each volley has a 15 minute time limit, so the action… more »

October 23, 2007

Monster Mash

With the scariest of seasons upon us, there is no better time to partake in some scary movies. Unfortunately, most scary movies dodge the month of October—*cough*shitty Halloween remake *cough*—as though they’re ashamed to tread on such hallowed ground. Even if the first-run theaters can’t scare up some good thrills, there’s plenty of stuff on the small screen all month… more »

October 16, 2007

ALA Web Design Survey Findings

Months of work analyzing, crunching, writing, and designing the answers from nearly 33,000 people, and we finally have the Findings from the Web Design Survey. Some of the findings are very enlightening, but I won’t spoil anything here, you’ll have to read for yourself. We’ve learned so much during this process, not only about what questions to ask, but how… more »

October 11, 2007

The Spirit of Halloween

Holiday homogeneity (say that three times fast) is giving us a Valentine’s Day in autumn, rife with its own brand of dainty, must-have accessories to celebrate the same way as everyone else. As I walk down the streets around my neighborhood, I see more and more houses tarted up with the hallmarks of a touchy-feely holiday. Giant inflatable Halloween themed… more »

October 1, 2007

The Shadow Over Brooklyn

October descends upon us once again. As I stepped outside this morning, I felt as though someone had flipped the season switch to Autumn; the air was chilly and sharp, leaves were congregating in the crease where the street meets the sidewalk, and the breeze carried with it the scent of cedar and apples. Perhaps I’m just aware of these… more »