November 2, 2007


Alas, October eventually comes to an end each year and we must take off our costumes. Well I suppose we don’t have to, but it’s advisable. This site might be back to normal, but you can always relive the horrifying time on any post from October. And a month’s worth of black and white photos makes me realize I should try that more often.

I have a bunch of fun stuff coming up in the near future, not the least of which is a little side project I’ve been trying to launch for a very long time. For the Jason Santa Maria completist (hi Mom!), my letterpress business cards landed in a HOW magazine feature this month (more on the HOW website), and I’m interviewed in Steven Heller’s latest book, Becoming a Digital Designer, along with great people like Jim Coudal, Mike Essl, Marian Bantjes, and many more. Lastly, I’m stealing some time away from work next week to attend the Future of Web Design conference in NY, if you happen to be going be sure to say hello.

Commentary (7):

1. Jason Beaird says… nov 2, 2007 | 11:49 am

It’s good to have you back to “complete and unabridged” from “dreamless and gibbering”. Congrats on the HOW and book feature. Wish I could have been able to attend FOWD as it’s not too far up the road from South Carolina, but I guess I’ll have an opportunity to say hello at SxSW.

2. Hamish M says… nov 2, 2007 | 11:55 am

Wow. It’ll be Christmas before I know it. Time flies so fast these days… haha.

Oh, and congratulations on the plug in HOW Magazine, it’s well deserved.
Now I just need to come up with some nice business cards for myself…

3. Corey Knafelz says… nov 2, 2007 | 2:51 pm

Cool photos. I did a month of black and white back in July and also found it an exercise worth repeating. And congrats on the recent spotlights.

4. Tracy Osborn says… nov 3, 2007 | 1:16 pm

It was quite a surprise to find your business card in HOW last night. Congratulations.

5. Kirk says… nov 3, 2007 | 9:30 pm

Darn it, won’t be in NY until the end of Nov. so I’ll miss FOWD, but very much looking forward to laying eyes upon the elusive side project at last!

6. bearskinrug says… nov 4, 2007 | 6:09 am

Congratulations on HOW and the book, Stanny! But you forgot to mention your other book… the one that features you in a variety of erotic positions?

7. Gitarren-Blogger says… nov 7, 2007 | 6:45 pm

My Congratulations on HOW and the book too. but the older one is still good