Archive: November 2007

November 29, 2007

Flap ‘n’ Snap PSA

The prospect is simple: a slacken-jawed subject flaps their face to and fro as fast as they can while camera wielding onlookers snap a photo. Without fail, hilarity ensues. But as fantastically hilarious as it is, the practice known as “Flap ‘n’ Snap” hides a much more terrifying dark side. A few months back a friend was lured into a… more »

November 16, 2007

Avatar Icebreaker

Avatars certainly aren’t a new thing. They’ve long been a staple of pride and showmanship in forums all across the internet. I’ve never really paid much attention the avatars I use, generally just opting for a boring cropped photo or some version of my logo, and being pleased just to be done with it. With dozens of accounts across dozens… more »

November 13, 2007

Where They Should Be

When I saw the new Apple keyboards a few months back, I thought they were pretty ridiculous; they’re as thin as a Ritz cracker and barely raised off of your desk. It seemed more like comical modernism, as in the case of the Mighty Mouse, than something realistically useful. I must admit, after trying one out and finally buying one,… more »

November 2, 2007


Alas, October eventually comes to an end each year and we must take off our costumes. Well I suppose we don’t have to, but it’s advisable. This site might be back to normal, but you can always relive the horrifying time on any post from October. And a month’s worth of black and white photos makes me realize I should… more »