Best Band Name Ever

Last Updated October 28, 2005

  1. Prism Bitch (submitted by Joe)
  2. The Roamin’ Catholics (submitted by Merritt)
  3. Mishap Happens (submitted by Laura Mul)
  4. The Nymphomercials (submitted by Chad E.)
  5. The Bwah-Ha-has (submitted by Stetson Fedora)
  6. Elemenopee (submitted by Ian Corey)
  7. Rodrigo Chapps (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  8. Guitar Cops (submitted by Peter Dalkner)
  9. The Reading Weepers (submitted by Dan)
  10. Coalition of the Willing (submitted by Kayt de Fever)
  11. Helmet of Hate (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  12. The Way Back Whens (submitted by DP Walsh)
  13. Panty Christ (submitted by DP Walsh)
  14. The Mobius Strippers (submitted by Moonpie and Sharkey)
  15. Vowel Movement (submitted by Moonpie and Sharkey)
  16. Chocky Moo
  17. Rockenspiel (submitted by Shaun Inman)
  18. The Gummy de Milos (submitted by Rachael)
  19. Apparition H (submitted by Jeff)
  20. The Depressionistics (submitted by Ken Schestok)
  21. Water Hammer (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  22. The Waffos
  23. Freudian Dick (submitted by Chris Saenger)
  24. Quiet Time and the Whisper Kids (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  25. Space Age Hitler and the Nazi Synthesizers (submitted by Merritt)
  26. Excuse Me Moses (submitted by Shaun Inman)
  27. The Snap-To-Guides (submitted by Stetson Fedora)
  28. Pickwickian Syndrome
  29. The Heeps
  30. Jif and the Choosy Mothers (submitted by J. Frenette)
  31. Pimpleshire (submitted by Dusty)
  32. I Dream of Weenie (submitted by Merritt)
  33. Correlative Meat (submitted by Wayne)
  34. Grade Grubber
  35. Stranger Danger (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  36. Roll for Damage (submitted by Joe Montgomery)
  37. The Working Mothers (submitted by Joe Montgomery)
  38. Mos Eisley Brothers (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  39. Half Spider and the Long Teddy (submitted by Owen Crayon)
  40. Victorious Secret (submitted by Andrew)
  41. Laughter of Hate
  42. Fallopian Swimteam (submitted by D. Keith Robinson)
  43. Big Sissy Poet (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  44. Airtight Grannies (submitted by Rachael)
  45. Don Ravioli (submitted by Merritt)
  46. Feral Scheit (submitted by Rachael)
  47. Pubic Zirconia (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  48. Feral Porpoise (submitted by Jameson)
  49. The Moops (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  50. The Nine Volts (submitted by Mark)
  51. Elk Neck
  52. Punch Us Pilot (submitted by JEB)
  53. Kitty-Faced Nelson (submitted by JEB)
  54. Meatspace (submitted by Shaun Inman)
  55. Rocktopus (submitted by Stetson Fedora)
  56. Armitage Shanks (submitted by Brain Faust)
  57. The Natural Causes (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  58. Guitar Accident (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  59. Malcolm X-Wing (submitted by Merritt)
  60. Tamper Evident (submitted by K.P.)
  61. The Fainting Spells (submitted by Kicey)
  62. Bedtime for Bonzo (submitted by Rachael)
  63. Bob and the Big Boyz (submitted by Rachael)
  64. Last Train to Topton (submitted by Matt Davis)
  65. The Space Heaters (submitted by Nathan Huening)
  66. The Oh God No’s (submitted by Tate)
  67. Poo Manchu (submitted by Rachael)
  68. Walking Copernicus (submitted by Mark Shields)
  69. Plotkillers (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  70. Engines of Corporeal Mischief (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  71. Dog Leash Girl (submitted by Paul)
  72. Lefty Lucy and the Tight Righties (submitted by Wayne)
  73. Wolf Blitzer (submitted by Nicholas Tolson)
  74. No Time For Ruv (submitted by Merritt)
  75. The Latter Day Ain'ts (submitted by Merritt)
  76. Flesh Petal (submitted by Dan)
  77. Invisibles Watching the Shoes (submitted by Baur)
  78. Coffin Birth (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  79. A Knife for Frau Muller (submitted by Baur)
  80. Leg Cramped (submitted by Baur)
  81. The Last Resorts (submitted by David Simmer)
  82. Ice Cube Shmeckel (submitted by Matt Davis)
  83. The Miami Relatives (submitted by D C Krook)
  84. The Seven Deadly Dwarves (submitted by ROb Weychert & Kevin Cornell)
  85. The This End Ups
  86. Midget Bardot (submitted by Merritt)
  87. Pizza Cape (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  88. Forget the Alamo (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  89. Free The Willy (submitted by Alex B.)
  90. Vonderful (submitted by Crackpot)
  91. The Dastardly Assasins (submitted by Jonathan)
  92. Pull Up Porkins (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  93. Dewey Decimal and the Dust Jackets (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  94. Firecrotch (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  95. Sans Serif (submitted by Alexander Micek)
  96. An Evening With Terry Sphagnum-Peach (submitted by Richard Rutter)
  97. Endangered Feces (submitted by J.G.)
  98. Culkin Death Grip (submitted by Bruce Freeby)
  99. Hank and the Hulkamaniacs (submitted by Seagull)
  100. Lumps in the Roux (submitted by Mrs. C)
  101. The Ronsonols (submitted by Ana)
  102. Gay for Pay (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  103. The Flightless Great Auk (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  104. Palpitating Cobra Heart (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  105. Fuzzy Sharp and the Special Onions (submitted by Joseph Tate)
  106. Lockheed Spartan (submitted by J.K.)
  107. The Plus-Size Models (submitted by J.K.)
  108. Minty Freshness (submitted by Sian Evans)
  109. Hickey Mouse (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  110. 52 Pick Up (submitted by James Kitcher Jr.)
  111. Ambush Bear
  112. Hamburger Meat Hands (submitted by Wayne)
  113. Hot Dog Fingers (submitted by Wayne)
  114. Albino Meat Pods (submitted by Adrian)
  115. Children of the Monkey Basket (submitted by Adrian)
  116. Rumpy Doppelgangers
  117. MalePouch (submitted by Stuart Snell)
  118. External Conflict
  119. Burning Bridges (submitted by Anthony Jimes)
  120. Ballistic Beavers (submitted by MooKee LuLu)
  121. Grammar Wasp (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  122. Knee Jerk (submitted by mky)
  123. Urethra Franklin (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  124. The Corn Dog Pipes (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  125. Je Me Joue (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  126. The Emo Fill-Ups (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  127. Teenage Head (submitted by Dan)
  128. Poindexter and the Owls (submitted by Rodney Anonymous)
  129. The Ice Cream Socialists (submitted by Milke)
  130. The Concubine Porcupine Chorus Line (submitted by Milke)
  131. Penis Christ (submitted by Pistaugh)
  132. Chamber Fellow Roommates (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  133. The Cedartown High School Marching Band (submitted by Frank Hoo Va)
  134. Tone Deaf Yobbos (submitted by Justin)
  135. Days of Anonymity (submitted by Chris Drosner)
  136. Albertville Olympians (submitted by Chris Drosner)
  137. Just Ask Indonesia (submitted by Chris Drosner)
  138. Lemon Spokes (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  139. Jugs and Fur (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  140. Microscopic Allies
  141. Smelly P. and the Aspara Guys (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  142. Pappa Wheelie (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  143. Nitrous Hommicide (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  144. Homme de Terre (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  145. Paged Carrot (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  146. Shitpig Express (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  147. Pelvic Floor (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  148. Alterations in Fluid Volume (submitted by Matt Sutter)
  149. Born on the Cob (submitted by RJ Hampden)
  150. Skis on Wheels (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  151. The Holy Days of Obligation (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  152. Ambient People
  153. Shrewdness of Apes (submitted by Wayne)
  154. Glaring of Cats (submitted by Wayne)
  155. Wrack of Kittens (submitted by Wayne)
  156. Happy Boyfriend Beach Squad (submitted by Pete Dalkner)
  157. Hoagie Concubine (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  158. The Honey Chasm (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  159. Pharmacuetical Smile (submitted by Springfish)
  160. Spastic Vulva (submitted by ColdForged)
  161. Gurg (submitted by ColdForged)
  162. Black-Hearted Olives (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  163. Fist Your Gums (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  164. The Society Wang (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  165. Martyrs on Artichokes (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  166. Minty Hooks
  167. Foody Spatula
  168. Make Rocket Go Now!
  169. Capital Knockers (submitted by Merritt)
  170. The Sensible Portions (submitted by Merritt)
  171. Wreck This God (submitted by Merritt)
  172. Tranny Get Your Gun (submitted by Merritt)
  173. The Reverend Boo-Tay and the Disciples of Funk (submitted by Merritt)
  174. Fantastaplastic (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  175. Kommander Lance Koko and the Peppermint Candy Far-Outers (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  176. Porky’s Nightmare (submitted by Mr. Vito)
  177. Jubilation T. Cornpone and the Kick-a-poo Joy Juicers (submitted by Mr. Vito)
  178. Shake Well
  179. The Space Monkey Mafia (submitted by Mr. Vito)
  180. The Darling Tops (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  181. Autoerotic (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  182. Old Man Sausages (submitted by Kevin Cornell)
  183. This Crypt is Cursed (submitted by Pete Dalkner)
  184. Flights of Fancy (submitted by Pete Dalkner)
  185. Pixel Brassiere (submitted by Pete Dalkner)
  186. Loose Stoolpigeon (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  187. Spatula City (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  188. The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  189. Gore Orphanage (submitted by ROb Weychert)
  190. War With the Evil Power Master
  191. The Bogs of Eternal Stench (submitted by J.K.)
  192. Altered Beast (submitted by J.K.)
  193. Cream Trick (submitted by J.K.)
  194. Wookie Goldberg (submitted by J.K.)
  195. Dictator Tots
  196. Byzantine Jesus (submitted by J.K.)
  197. Aeriola Warfare (submitted by J.K.)
  198. Faint the Pence (submitted by J.K.)
  199. Strickland (submitted by J.K.)
  200. Good as in Awesome (submitted by J.K.)
  201. The Metro Gnomes (submitted by J.K.)
  202. Dent Wizards (submitted by J.K.)
  203. Paper White Mask of Evil
  204. Ball Pit
  205. The Cyan Kickers (submitted by J.K.)
  206. Doomsday Device
  207. Hot Black
  208. Bassmasters of the Universe (submitted by J.K.)
  209. Psycho Tooth (submitted by J.K.)
  210. Bean Spoon
  211. Curtsy Dragon (submitted by J.K.)
  212. Buffalo Bixby
  213. Voodoo Economics (submitted by J.K.)
  214. The Pork Chop Express (submitted by J.K.)
  215. Here it is Tiger (submitted by J.K.)
  216. Light Up Goose
  217. Hitler Mustache
  218. Pain Forest
  219. Mayo Reverb

Submissions Closed

Sorry, but submission are closed. We’ve had a good run, but it’s time we break off and tend to our own solo projects. I’ll leave this page up so we can always reminisce about the good old times.

Think you’ve come up with the best band name ever? Yeah, me too. I’ve come up with plenty of them, some good ones too, but most are just awful (therein lies the fun). Regardless, they all deserve some sort of merit, like say, a comprehensive list on a website. This is that list. Best of all, you, beloved visitor, can contribute your ideas for band names as well. Don’t worry, I won’t steal them, start up a band and make millions off your idea. Like Peter Brady, my musical aspirations died when I hit puberty.