March 31, 2005



Commentary (4):

1. Smallest Photo says… mar 31, 2005 | 2:24 am

There’s something rather menacing about this shot. I dig it

2. Ian says… mar 31, 2005 | 8:01 am

That really evokes a moodishness. Any notes on why there’s such a unique blue tint?

3. Walt says… mar 31, 2005 | 8:11 am

Seems like the picture was taken very early or somewhat late. Thats only thing that would explain the tint to me.

Personally, I like the extreme close-up feel of the shot. Makes the bolts seem THAT MUCH bigger.

4. Jason Santa Maria says… mar 31, 2005 | 8:15 am

It’s actually just tucked away in a dark area under the same overpass as the punk tube.