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Jason Santa Maria is a Graphic Designer living in sunny Brooklyn, NY. He serves as Creative Director for Happy Cog Studios, both in New York and Philadelphia. This status grants him access to most black-tie galas and groundbreaking ceremonies.

Someday he hopes to join the circus as the resident geek, but would settle on being a roustabout for a time. If you are looking to merely win his favor or to persuade him, he is easily won over by candied offerings. Though he is purportedly open to bartering, wild bets, and challenges involving feats of strength, Jason survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire him.


Jason enjoys loud music and subsequent ass-shaking. Jason nearly knows the value of a dollar, though could still be persuaded to purchase magic beans. Jason enjoys good and bad Horror and Sci-Fi movies, though prefers good, and can often be found losing the day to video games. Jason gave up eating meat on Christmas Eve of 2002, his last Feast of the Seven Fishes. Jason is once again among the ranks of the carnivores. Jason holds firm that his mother is the best cook in the time zone. Jason makes one of the best cups of coffee you are likely to have. As a possible second calling, Jason enjoys building things with his hands, and following assembly instructions. Jason is likely to beat you at Mario Kart 64. Mornings regularly find Jason getting dressed in the dark and pedaling bleary-eyed to the office. Jason has a sock monkey named Rollo who frequents his workplace, usually threatening him at staple-point to work harder.

Though he doesn't consider himself a great photographer, Jason takes an abundance of photographs. He most often uses a Nikon D70, but also employs a Leica C-LUX 2 and a Holga 120SF when it strikes his fancy.

Submissions to the Best Band Name Ever are closed, but the list is still online for your viewing pleasure.

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This site was created with tableless Strict XHTML and uses CSS for positioning. In April 2004, this site won the Site of the Month Gold Star Award from the Web Standards Awards. Numerous ticker-tape parades were thrown in Philadelphia the following week to celebrate, and Jason was later given the key to the city.

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Have something you want to get off your chest? Feel free to email Jason with your praise and/or hatred.


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