November 30, 2004

Graffiti Characters

Graffiti Characters

The eyes just follow you. I really want the guy on the right to do the old cartoon character dance, where they look like they are churning butter and their knees wobble around in circles.

Commentary (4):

1. Jeff says… nov 30, 2004 | 8:33 am

isnt that the awlful superman design from the mid 90s? yes…i’d recognize it anywhere.

2. Beerzie Yoink says… nov 30, 2004 | 1:44 pm

I believe the chap on the left is Reddy Kilowatt, the former mascot for Pacific Gas and Electric.

3. Vespa says… jan 20, 2005 | 4:26 pm

I think these characters are really shit and i think there should be better ones up there

4. Pose says… mar 21, 2005 | 2:12 pm

these characters suck , no ofence…the eyes dont really follow you by the way:)