March 8, 2005

No Parking

No Parking

Not one in English… this is just a few doors down from me. I guess he collects them.

Commentary (5):

1. jack says… mar 8, 2005 | 5:20 am

at first i thought the light bulbs above the door were some sort of alarm if anybody dares to park there

2. niff says… mar 8, 2005 | 8:44 am

The lighting on this is really cool. kind of eery.

3. sutter says… mar 8, 2005 | 9:24 am

he’s tried 4 times and he STILL can’t figure out what country he’s in.

4. Ian says… mar 8, 2005 | 10:03 am

I’m going to use these to make animated gifs for my site. Is that okay?

5. Mark says… apr 3, 2005 | 4:28 pm

The sign in te center (by the spots) is an old sign from my country (Belgium), today you can find them at old houses, but they are dissapear slowly.