May 20, 2005

Is this the line for Monster In-Law?

Is this the line for Monster In-Law?

Commentary (5):

1. Smallest Photo says… may 20, 2005 | 11:01 am

Cool! The launch for the limited edition Space Balls on DVD.

2. Rob Weychert says… may 20, 2005 | 1:06 pm

Ha ha, the way his head is tilted goes with the title perfectly.

3. Ian says… may 20, 2005 | 8:43 pm

Ten dollars says this dude got out of a limo.

4. bearskinrug says… may 22, 2005 | 7:11 am

I can’t believe they let a guy with a GUN in the theater.

5. Jocke says… may 31, 2005 | 9:21 am

It’s a good thing these guys wear white armour. It’s easy for us rebels to pick them off with a sniper rifle at night. Look how easy a target he is! Bang!