June 16, 2005

Blieve, Hon

Blieve, Hon

Commentary (6):

1. Ian says… jun 16, 2005 | 8:40 am

For the uninitiated, this is what Baltimore is all about: People with big, giant boofant hair who don’t speak the language very well and call everyone ‘Hon’.
Oh, and I almost forgot, the director of Pink Flamingos (a movie set 30 miles outside of Baltimore), John Waters? Yeah. He lives here and so…flamingos.
Nice lights and darks, Stan.

2. Jemal says… jun 16, 2005 | 10:50 am

Since you mention it, what do all those believe stickers mean anyway?

3. Ian says… jun 16, 2005 | 1:33 pm

That was a million dollar campaign to ‘clean up’ the city by making the scum bags who murder, take drugs and litter “believe in the city.” Bumperstickers with a retarded message in white. People are apeshit about it, too; there’s about a dozen spinoffs. Personally, I’d prefer guys on every roof top shouting BELIEVE into megaphones. It’s just more authentically science fiction that way.
What? Oh. This is Jason’s blog and I’m not the spokesman for Baltimore? My bad.

4. Ernie says… jun 16, 2005 | 3:35 pm

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5. Strong Bad says… jun 16, 2005 | 3:41 pm

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6. STRONGBAD says… aug 16, 2005 | 10:43 am