June 27, 2005



In Brooklyn watching some friends practice their incredible routine.

Commentary (9):

1. Ian says… jun 27, 2005 | 9:15 am

Good God, she’s ripped! Someone should do a photo session with these guys!

2. Smallest Photo says… jun 27, 2005 | 9:23 am

my question would be , how did the guy actually get into that position? I mean did he drop from the ceiling and she caught him or was he on the floor and she lifted him with her toes?

3. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 27, 2005 | 9:27 am

I remember correctly, they flipped forward into that position. she was hanging backwards from her knees and her partner was up on the bar. They quickly sort of just spun forward, and she came up to a seated position. Pretty damn cool.

4. Smallest Photo says… jun 27, 2005 | 5:29 pm

plus no reflection in the mirror - vampire acrobatics…coooool!

5. Ian says… jun 27, 2005 | 5:46 pm

I see it in there. Cecilia is a werewolf, duh.

6. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 27, 2005 | 5:48 pm

I think he actually means the green area behind her. Right, Smallest Photo? That is actually cutout in the wall. The green is from another room behind it.

7. Ian says… jun 27, 2005 | 8:26 pm

I was at the website. That dude actually has all those hula hoops pierced through his whole body!!

8. Smallest Photo says… jun 28, 2005 | 6:14 am

JSM, you have entirely too much faith in me. No I meant the mirror. Hadn’t seen her head poking out of the bottom :-P

9. Jason Santa Maria says… jun 28, 2005 | 7:30 am

Oh… :D

After your last comment I started seeing that back part like a possible mirror.