September 20, 2005



Commentary (4):

1. Ian says… sep 20, 2005 | 7:45 am

Hot. Somewhere, my father is creaming his jeans. I’ve always preferred the flat-top 3 to the ‘roundy-round 3’.

2. Kim says… sep 20, 2005 | 9:04 am

Wow. I love the colors. I’d like to try to watercolor this!

3. niff says… sep 20, 2005 | 9:58 am

GOOD! someone took a picture of this. i was just saying to matt, kim and kevin that i wish we had a camera when walking past it.

i think i like the shape around it a lot too though, wish you would have gotten it in there a bit.

still, very JSM! =)

4. Fabian De Rango says… oct 3, 2005 | 5:11 am

very nice I see where you got your site design inspired form