October 17, 2005



Guest Photographer: Ian Corey

Commentary (5):

1. Dean says… oct 17, 2005 | 8:34 am

Nice photo Ian - but I hate those candy-apple things…

2. Ian says… oct 17, 2005 | 8:59 am

I do too. Putting candy on an apple is like putting lingerie on a seven year old. But, my how they shine!

3. eb. says… oct 17, 2005 | 12:44 pm

It was tough having braces when Halloween came around and everyone but you could enjoy a candy apple. Those were always so sweet and yummy, but now a days I prefer having sliced apples and dipping them into caramel sauce.

4. Ian says… oct 17, 2005 | 2:01 pm

Dipping apples in caramel, just my opinion, is like taking a beautiful woman and dipping her into an ape suit. Apes are cool, but…uh…

5. niff says… oct 17, 2005 | 3:46 pm

nice ian,
candy apples aren’t as bad as they seem. i used to make them at a candy store i worked out and they were on of my favorite things, but i recomend slicing them up to eat them.