April 26, 2006

Alone in the Forest

Alone in the Forest

Commentary (7):

1. Adrian Kostrubiak says… apr 26, 2006 | 11:01 am

Great shot. I really love the way that fire hydrant stands out so much against the wall.

2. Kim says… apr 26, 2006 | 11:11 am

Wow, Stan! It looks like the trees and vines are doing a dance around the hydrant… like it’s being wooed.

3. Smallest Photo says… apr 26, 2006 | 11:40 am

There’s a strange eeriness to this shot. The wall has an almost flesh like tone to it so perhaps that’s what’s making feel a little creept out.

4. Jason Santa Maria says… apr 26, 2006 | 11:41 am

I heard from a friend of a cousin of a neighbor who used to live down the street from this place that they actually did spackle with skin. No foolin.

5. Joel says… apr 26, 2006 | 12:01 pm

I salute whatever civil engineer thought this placement up.

6. Adam Schilling says… apr 26, 2006 | 12:56 pm

The other entrance to Narnia …

7. bearskinrug says… apr 26, 2006 | 5:27 pm

You’d think a fire hydrant could afford a better apartment.