June 7, 2006

Six Legs

Six Legs

A steer with six legs. Though the extra two aren’t fully developed, they are still kinda cool. I think having the six legs makes him part insect; bonus sideshow freakery!

Commentary (5):

1. BigA says… jun 7, 2006 | 10:07 am

Are you sure another small steer didn’t just run into him? Man, you’d think they’d at least trim the extra hoves a little.

2. june says… jun 7, 2006 | 10:17 am

Thats what I thought, it looks like he has a small steer - with deformed legs - stuck inside of him. I couldn’t look at that one for too long.

BTW, did you have the “smallest person” booth at your fair? And did you get a picture? We had the “smallest person” at our fair but I was too cheap to pay 50 cents to see her. Not to mention I thought it would be akward. What do you say to a “freaky” person that just paid 50 cents to see?

3. Chris Harrison says… jun 7, 2006 | 10:30 am

Absolutely wicked. I wonder if it had any used of those extremities… Fascinating.

4. Ian says… jun 7, 2006 | 10:54 am

That’s not legs… He’s just got a small McRib section.

5. Chris Harrison says… jun 7, 2006 | 12:19 pm

McRib? That looks like the mystery meat they used to include in McNuggets… and you thought you were eating chicken.…