August 25, 2006

Formal Loo

Formal Loo

I don’t think I was dressed nicely enough to use this bathroom.

Commentary (5):

1. Ian says… aug 25, 2006 | 9:33 am

Hey, fourteen drywall screws, think those signs are going anywhere?
Me either.

2. Rick Kobylinski says… aug 25, 2006 | 4:57 pm

I wonder if women must wear dresses and men suits in order to use the bathrooms.

3. Dennis says… aug 27, 2006 | 2:34 pm

I bet there is one of those guys with mints in there.

4. Smallest Photo says… aug 27, 2006 | 3:32 pm

next time remember your purse and you’ll be fine.

5. David Lowry says… aug 28, 2006 | 9:06 am

You’d find signs like that even in Dublin’s scummiest pubs! Though you’d as likely find them with 1 screw remaining each; or else turned upside down; swapped; you know the score!

If the sign had just a stick man would you feel the need to undress? :/ I know Dublin’s getting liberal, but…