August 29, 2006



A great depiction of the classic mythological battle between dragon and rocket.

Commentary (4):

1. Ian says… aug 29, 2006 | 9:41 am

This must be before Dragon stole Rocket’s Fire Breath.
That top line typeface gives me the friggin’ heebees.

2. Smallest Photo says… aug 29, 2006 | 10:06 am

That’s not a rocket Stan. It’s a dragon suppository. Note the look of angst and concern on the dragon’s face. Bubba’s impacted.

3. Rick Kobylinski says… aug 29, 2006 | 5:48 pm

I guess all dragons are constipated. Have anyone ever seen dragon dung?

4. Joerg Beyer says… aug 30, 2006 | 6:39 am

Anyone who *has* watched that spectacle got burned immediately. You see, the effort makes a constipated dragon blow his flames all over the audience. In fact, most dragons die of constipation, rather than sword or missile attacks. It comes from all that iron around their snacks. Poor things.
— Joerg the Dragon Whisperer