August 16, 2006

Lone Tripod

Lone Tripod

Taken early in the morning this past winter during a frozen fog. Guest Photographer: Kirk Peterson

Commentary (6):

1. Rick Kobylinski says… aug 16, 2006 | 6:44 am

I love this shot. It captures the serenity of the moment early in the morning when you are waiting for just the right light.

2. Ian says… aug 16, 2006 | 10:17 am

This was shot with that film stuff!

3. Smallest Photo says… aug 16, 2006 | 12:38 pm

Thanks Rick. Nope Ian it was shot with that digital stuff it’s just that it was so damn foggy that morning and my settings were a little askew - hence da grain.

4. Jon Aldinger says… aug 18, 2006 | 12:59 pm

The space and light are very ethereal. At first look, I thought the background was an ocean. I think the askew settings and grainy look help to make this shot so appealing. Good stuff!

5. Rob Weychert says… aug 20, 2006 | 7:26 pm

This is awesome. I thought it was the ocean at first too. God bless you, Kirk. And God bless Robin Hood!

6. Kuratowa says… oct 1, 2006 | 9:22 am

Such a tripod is begging for Timothy Dalton to kick it over…