September 21, 2006



Commentary (3):

1. Ian says… sep 21, 2006 | 9:24 am

No Fucking Way!
Sutter tried to make his Star Wars trashcan into a gum mummy but his moms threw it away when he wasn’t looking. Awesome shot!

2. Jared says… sep 21, 2006 | 3:17 pm

I haven’t been to Philly in a long time. Is this the gum tree on South Street? Is there even a gum tree on South Street?

3. Jason Santa Maria says… sep 21, 2006 | 3:21 pm

There are indeed gum trees on South Street in Philly, but alas, this put them to shame. This is a photo of an entire brick wall full of gum in Seattle. I’ll post a wider view tomorrow.