January 25, 2007

Fortune Cookie Propaganda

Fortune Cookie Propaganda

This has to be the most puzzling fortune cookie I’ve ever received.

Commentary (8):

1. bearskinrug says… jan 25, 2007 | 9:40 am

I don’t know… that’s actually rather insightful!

2. sutter says… jan 25, 2007 | 9:40 am

management is carrying out tasks correctly. leadership is essentially leading management to do the correct tasks.

3. Ian says… jan 25, 2007 | 9:43 am

Is that fortune cookie rockin’ it Yin and Yang style?

4. ash says… jan 25, 2007 | 10:19 am

Perhaps the fortune cookie needs to improve their own management there.…it looks a little burnt. And at least it didn’t say the path to englightenment is through buying more fortune cookies, as one of mine recently said.

5. David says… jan 25, 2007 | 11:01 am

and when did fortune cookies stop giving out fortunes? Come on people…give me what I came for:
“A client with no budget constraints awaits just around the bend. Walk faster.”
If I wanted insightful cookies I would expect something along the lines of the Great Confucius:
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

6. Jared says… jan 25, 2007 | 12:15 pm

Oh, does this have anything to do with The Prize is the Cereal?

7. Kirk says… jan 25, 2007 | 6:45 pm

Confucius say. ” Keep Zeldman away from the fortune cookie repository”.

8. Colin Elligsen says… jul 5, 2007 | 8:03 pm

I agree, this isn’t a fortune in a typical sense, but perhaps it is a problem of semantics. That is, perhaps it’s a ‘fortune’ if you can correctly implement both management and leadership. Still perhaps it should have been written, “You will fail if you only manage and not lead.”