August 1, 2007

Cry Foul

Cry Foul

Commentary (3):

1. Ian says… aug 1, 2007 | 10:02 am

Man. I didn’t know the Brits were still so oppressive to women.

2. Rick Kobylinski says… aug 1, 2007 | 12:14 pm

Does the dog toilet have a roll of toilet paper there for the dogs’ use? Would they know how to spin it off the roll like cats do? Do seeing eye dogs have to use the handicapped toilet? Can the dogs take a drink out of the dog toilet? Are there urinals for the boy dogs? Can the Great Danes use a Shih Tzu to wipe themselves?

3. Josh Stodola says… aug 2, 2007 | 4:48 pm

Thanks alot for making me laugh, Rick.