Oddities & Diversions: June 2005

June 30, 2005

Proxima Nova released

Mark Simonson release his new super font Proxima Nova, and it is a thing of beauty, nearly 25 years in the making.

Cody in Black and White

Cody in Black and White, beautiful photos from Niff and Sutter’s recent trip to the old west.

June 28, 2005

Step-by-Step comics with Danny Gregory!

Step-by-Step comics with Danny Gregory!

June 27, 2005

King Kong Trailer

King Kong trailer. Looks very nice.

Design Vigilantism

Design Vigilantism, Essentially, we would be Design Vigilantes. I like this idea a great deal; it’s as close as I can come to being a hero without having to hurry anywhere. What a great idea!

Desert Island Fonts - Round 3

I get shipwrecked on typographer island, Desert Island Fonts.

June 22, 2005


Introducing Jason Santa Maria… yeah, me. I will be putting in some weekly hours here.

Got Game?

Got Game? A pretty thorough timeline of games (mostly of the board variety).

June 21, 2005

Ministry Script

New at Veer, Ministry Script. Yum.

June 20, 2005

The Morning News Redesign

A great site gets a little better, The Morning News gets a facelift.

June 16, 2005

The Hills Have Eyes being remade

The Hills Have Eyes, yay. another. remake.

June 14, 2005

Fantagraphics Books redesigned

Fantagraphics Books redesigned! And they have an RSS feed now!

June 13, 2005

Shaun Inman redesigns

Shaun Inman redesigns (or reworks) his website. Beautiful as always, with a slick repeating nav.

June 9, 2005

Hit List #2: Leverage

No one likes you, leverage. Too true.

June 7, 2005


Full List Of 221 Nintendo Revolution Backwards Titles, and they are all free. Hot damn, that is some incentive. Includes many personal favorites like Mario Kart 64, and Perfect Dark… with more titles to be announced at a later date. Update: Titles will not be free.

June 3, 2005

Philadelphia Standards Organization

Philadelphia Standards Organization, bringing the goods to Philly!

Nintendo Revolution’s classic Nintendo games will be free

Nintendo Revolution’s classic Nintendo games will be free, ooooooooo.