June 1, 2003

Camp Naked Terror 2

Saturday was our 2nd Annual Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash, Camp Naked Terror 2. For those who are unfamiliar I will explain. Camp Naked Terror is the summer camp where mine and my roommates’ birthdays (which are all in June) are celebrated. This is basically a big ploy to get the partygoers to dress up in grotesque costumes and vie for the coveted door prizes. General attire is that of campers, camp counselors, killers, victims, and basically anything else you would find in a traditional slasher flick. Sadly, after last years’ massacre, the camp had to close its doors forever…that is, until this year when it was reopened as a music summer camp for young aspiring rock stars. So, the dress code was still in effect with the addition of rock related costume options.

I am happy to say that this years’ bash was just as good as its predecessor. The blood flowed like water, and the beer flowed like…um, blood. As for the birthday boys, I donned a zombie rocker look, Rob did his best Andrew W.K., Sutter was a slashed up Steve Perry, and Pete was merely straight edge for life (or death as the case was). Liz rounded us out as a fantastic Cyndi Lauper. Luckily we didn’t get as much fake blood on the carpet as last year (probably in an effort to retain some small bit of our security deposit). All told, there were over 40 campers in and out of the party throughout the night.

I must say though, one of the best highlights from the night was my brother’s birthday gift to me, Hulk Hands. That’s right, great big green hands (gloves) that make noise when you hit stuff. As you can imagine, this was right up my alley. My brother knows me well. After shrieking like a little girl, I tore them out of the packaging and proceeded to run around the party hitting people.

I will have some of my photos from the party up later this week, and very soon there will be a web gallery of everyone’s photos with a companion video spliced together from the night’s bloodbath.