Archive: January 2005

January 25, 2005


Wow. I just watched Belief’s presentation, Pollinate Chain Reaction, from Promax/BDA 2004 in New York (via Mr. Sutter), and I feel like staying up for a few days straight to create something. The video from the lecture, is 45 minutes long, but it will be some of the best 45 minutes you’ve spent lately. Watching this really hit home for… more »

January 24, 2005

2005 Bloggie Awards

Well then, it seems I am up for an award at the 2005 Bloggies. I can’t help but sigh after writing that because it sounds so silly. Bloggies. Despite gunning for “Best Asian Weblog”, I only managed to get into the finals for “Best-Designed Weblog”. I am pitted against some heavy contenders too, not least of which is a personal… more »

January 23, 2005

Blue Sky, Blue Sky

I had the pleasure of seeing Chip Kidd speak at my alma mater, Kutztown University, this past Friday night. Kidd is one of my favorite contemporary graphic designers and has been ever since I got heavily into design. This is the second time I have gotten to see him in person, the first being in at the Free Library in… more »

January 18, 2005

Accounting 101

Hello Philadelphians, this post is for you. Not that the rest of the world can’t read it, but I request the help of my fellow Philadelphians in particular. Now that I am self-employed I am in need of an accountant; someone who knows numbers and can help me out with filing taxes quarterly, any sort of Philadelphia or Pennsylvania-related business… more »

January 16, 2005


Two good friends of mine, and two very talented artists, have just launched a new sketch blog called Inkfinger. This will be the new home to the beautiful work of Philadelphian design/animator Matt Sutter (also of Quadruped fame) and Baltimorian (and soon to be Philadelphian) illustrator Jennifer Nicholls—Niff to those who frequent this site. It has just begun, so you… more »

January 11, 2005

Virtual Stan

Every so often something so odd comes along that you can’t help but take notice. Of course, you really take notice when that odd thing is about you. Many of you know of one of the nicknames I have been given. Stan. What many of you don’t know about are the extreme extents my “friends” go through to convince everyone… more »

January 7, 2005

Design In-Flight

I have contributed an article entitled “Fighting Off Design Stagnation” to the latest issue of Design In-Flight magazine. The article deals with the problems designers and creative people go through as their career progresses like the pressures to remain current, competitive and imaginative. Luckily, I am friends with the talented Kevin Cornell and managed to convince him to create an… more »

January 3, 2005

Ritornato d’Italia

Yessir, I’m back from a week in Italy. I experienced the new year a full six hours ahead of my friends at home. Suckers. The plane ride over was awful and turbulent the whole way. Many people around us spent the evening puking into bags and running for the bathroom. I joined them at intervals. We rented cars, since we… more »