Archive: September 2005

September 27, 2005

A Beady Eye to the Future

The industry is now being overrun with work. I have received more requests for freelance and contract positions in the last three weeks than I have all year. I asked around to some other friends and the same seems to be the case. I can really only speak for the US on this, and more specifically the northeast coast since… more »

September 22, 2005

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

We are in the final weeks before the wedding and have been trying to get our honeymoon nailed down. No, we aren’t really procrastinators, at least I’m not (hi Liz!), it’s just that the honeymoon has been something a moving target. The plan was this: a week after the wedding we hit New Orleans for two nights, then we hop… more »

September 14, 2005

One Month Away

Exactly one month away from marriage. All the invites are out. Things are reaching a fever pitch. Write your vows. Is Rob ordained? Pick up the rings. Tend to family. Drop off Liz at wedding shower(s). Learn to dance (better). RSVPs flooding mailbox. Sleep? What’s sleep? Rebook honeymoon (sorry New Orleans). Head-count for booze. Yes. Order lots more booze. Call… more »

September 13, 2005

FontExplorer X

I’ve just come across Linotype’s new FontExplorer X, another font management application. Hmm, very intriguing that it’s coming from a foundry. Could this finally replace the stagnant Suitcase on my computer? Here is a comparison chart with other popular font apps. Simple. Smart. Free. Well, the price is definitely right, and it looks very promising. I also like that it… more »

September 6, 2005

An Event Apart

After many threats over the years, An Event Apart is now live. What is An Event Apart? Well, it’s essentially a live conference version of A List Apart. Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman will travel from city to city, holding intense, one-day learning sessions on the how and why of web design and web standards. What’s most interesting is that… more »

September 3, 2005

Pepper Makes Mint Better

Shaun: So, what do you think of ShortStat? Me: What, you mean after I finally got the damned thing installed? Shaun: *sigh* Yes. Me: It’s pretty cool. Shaun: … Me: I still tend to use Refer more often. All of ShortStat’s little scroll panes bug me. So went the usual exchange between Shaun and I about ShortStat. ShortStat 2,… more »