Archive: July 2004

July 28, 2004

Rollo is Watching You

My sock monkey Rollo has decided it’s time for his close-up. Rollo has been around for a few years, but has now taken it upon himself to emblazon his visage on a t-shirt and enter it at On the shirt Rollo can be seen donning his styrofoam cup battle helmet emblazoned with one of his many mottoes for life,… more »

July 25, 2004

For the Devoted Reader

This weekend I did some site overhaulin’. No, not where I steal someone’s site, trick it out and replace every letter “s” with a “z”, but rather, I made some modifications here at; your most favorite site on the web. Most notably, and most invisible to you, I upgraded to MovableType 3.0. The upgrade was easy as hell and… more »

July 18, 2004

Real World Standards and the CSS Ballyhoo

I went to school with a lot of good designers. My school was a bit behind when it came to technology and wasn’t able to muster up a good base of interactive classes until after I had already graduated. I originally wanted to be an illustrator. I love to draw, but quickly realized I am much better suited as a… more »

July 11, 2004

Not Dead

Though the lack of updates might suggest I have run off with the circus or perhaps some hot design groupie, but the truth is I have been busy as hell. Part of that is work and part of that includes my attempts to have a life away from the screen in front of me. Work has reached a fever pitch… more »