Archive: October 2003

October 30, 2003

Scary Movies

In line with reading some good frightening tales, this is also the perfect time to watch some great scary movies. Tonight I got to watch the latest dvd edition of The Exorcist. This time out it’s The Version You’ve Never Seen, which in my case, was correct. I haven’t seen the film in many years, and before viewing it was… more »

October 26, 2003

Selected Readings and Miscellanea

I recently stumbled upon a collected gallery of covers from H.G. Wells’ milestone book, War of the Worlds. It remains one of my most favorite books (having also been about the second book I ever read), and this collection of covers cements it as one of the repeatedly best-designed books as well. Granted, I am partial to the old Sci-Fi/Pulp… more »

October 23, 2003

Search Inside the Book implements a groundbreaking search feature today, Search Inside the Book. This new search method allows users to search through every page in every book. Astoundingly handy.… more »

October 22, 2003

Elliott Smith 1969-2003

Authorities still don’t know exactly what happened, but Smith apparently died from a self-inflicted knife wound to the chest. How very sad. Elliott Smith was truly a great talent and will surely be missed. Read about it here, here, and here.… more »

October 21, 2003


This past weekend, along with 15 other individuals, I took part in the National Film Challenge. The challenge consists of this: Participating teams are given a genre, character and occupation, prop, and a line of dialogue which must all be represented in a short film ranging from 4-8 minutes in duration. The assignments are sent via email at 7pm on… more »

October 16, 2003

VH1 ILL-ustrated

Tomorrow night marks the premiere of “VH1 ILL-ustrated”, an animated sketch show from Camp Chaos. Friends Pete Dalkner, Matt Sutter, and Jeff Bandelin worked on the animation and production of said show (though sadly not the writing). Regardless, keep them employed by tuning in to VH1 at 10pm tomorrow night. To drum up some media attention, Pete, Sutter, Jeff and… more »

Making Your PC Nearly Tolerable

I really am beginning to believe that the creators of Windows are off somewhere laughing at how absurd it is that they have made a fortune from an operating system that tries to do everything it can to work against the user. Have you ever tried to do anything with fonts other than the ones that came with your PC?… more »

October 12, 2003

Kill Bill, Volume 1

I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino films, if for no other reason than because they standout from most other Hollywood fare. Whether it’s the dialogue, the characters or his signature non-linear storytelling style, his films give you something you don’t see every time you go to the theater, and recall a long gone golden age of films. Kill Bill:… more »

October 9, 2003

For Me, For Rob

Fantastic adj. Pronunciation: fan-’tas-tik Definition: great, wonderful Synonyms: best, best ever, camp, cat’s meow, comical, curious, delicious, eccentric, excellent, extraordinary, far out, freakish, first-class, first-rate, grody, grotesque, kooky, ludicrous, marvelous, odd, oddball, off-beat, off-the-wall, outlandish, peculiar, primo, queer, ridiculous, sensational, singular, superb, unreal, unusual, way out, weird… more »

October 7, 2003

Four Steps Back

Here we are again rooting for Web Standards (at least a certain portion of them), though this time with an unlikely ally, Microsoft(!). The very same company that wanted to make the internet run by its rules is now up against the wall, so to speak, from an unheard-of-until-now company, Eolas. It seems long ago, in a galaxy far far… more »

October 2, 2003

A Brush with Stardom

The CBS show Hack” (which is a show about some crime-solving taxi driver, to my understanding) was filming on my block earlier this week. Trucks, trailers and other assorted important-looking-stuff lined the curb. While walking home from the train Tuesday, I took it upon myself to go investigate. I walked out to the street corner where a few important-looking people… more »

October 1, 2003

A Splash of October

Egads! Orange! Yeah, that’s right, orange. Though some of you have accused me in the past of often reverting to orange in my designs, this time I have an excuse…it’s October! In recognition of October being the best month of the year (and consequently occupying the best time of year), I have decided to throw together a quick color scheme… more »