October 30, 2003

Scary Movies

In line with reading some good frightening tales, this is also the perfect time to watch some great scary movies. Tonight I got to watch the latest dvd edition of The Exorcist. This time out it’s The Version You’ve Never Seen, which in my case, was correct. I haven’t seen the film in many years, and before viewing it was worried it wouldn’t hold up after all this time; the same way that something like The Car just doesn’t seem as cool as when you were little. I am very pleased to say it held up quite well, combining wonderful cinematography, vomiting, and head-spinning into some truly twisted scenes.

For some more good frights this week check out IFC on Friday evening for Indie Screams, hosted by movie make-up marvel, Tom Savini. Also, the crown jewel as far as quantity is concerned, AMC’s annual Monsterfest; six full days of round-the-clock horror movies (here is the schedule). And let’s not forget the (re)release of Alien: The Director’s Cut in theaters this weekend.

All of this got me thinking as well, and you can help me answer this, what is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Commentary (3):

1. Kevin Cornell says… oct 30, 2003 | 7:25 am

No doubt, The Exorcist WAS the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. But now, I would have to say it’s that one where the elevator in the building goes crazy and kills the rollerblader. The Shaft? I think.

2. ROb Weychert says… oct 30, 2003 | 8:22 am

I never lose sleep over horror movies, which is why I was so surprised when The Blair Witch Project made me sleep with the light on. I mean it just scared the fucking bejeezus out of me. The only other movie that came close was the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, for pure freakishness.

3. RJ Hampden says… nov 3, 2003 | 2:57 pm

One time I found this VHS tape marked ‘Lost In America’ but when I put it in it was a tape of my mom blowing my dad. He was bare-chested and wore this spade pendant. Whenever I need to feel a little more manly, I wear that pendant.