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March 28, 2003

Flash Forward 2003, San Francisco

The winners and finalists are up for the latest Flash Film Festival. This one has some very nice entries, which is refreshing after the last few lack-luster festivals. Of particular note are: Art Rolito Land - Gorgeous Illustrations The Beauty of Details - Nice typography transitions and photography Educational CBC4Kids - Very fluid layout Typography WDDG - The typography is… more »

March 26, 2003

The Good Girl

I had the great pleasure of seeing The Good Girl last night. Liz’s roommate Marc decided to get it off of Pay-Per-View and her and I subsequently decided to tape it and watch it tonight. I made the mistake of watching the first few minutes that, before I knew it, quickly turned into the first hour. You know how that… more »

March 24, 2003

The Days Are Just Packed

Friday night’s festivities included a show at the First Unitarian Church with Pinback and Threnody Ensemble. Threnody Ensemble brought something really different to the show with a sort of indie rock chamber music blend that was truly enthralling. Their music was equal parts improv, performance art, and orchestral arrangement. I just love watching and hearing a cello played live. Sadly,… more »

March 17, 2003

Fire Hazard

Word on the street has it that Philadelphia’s club the Khyber is closed, quite possibly for good. Apparently the crackdown on fire codes after the recent Great White concert tragedy has caused many cities to reevaluate their clubs for possible violations. Granted, in the event of a fire, the Khyber would be a death trap, but the part that really… more »

March 16, 2003

Spring Fever

Spring is in the air and, amidst all of the pre-St. Patrick’s Day debauchery, there was a beautiful day to be found. It was a picture taking, park sitting, and bike-riding Sunday. Liz and I decided to take full advantage of the fantastic weather by riding all over the city for the better part of the day. Having to dodge… more »

March 12, 2003

A Passing Thought

Do you think that the plethora of reality TV shows out now has caused a boom in the cameraman profession? With the growing number of these shows the need for people to handle the cameras must also grow. Just flipping through the channels (FOX being the most prolific offender) on any given night will show you how many new reality… more »

March 10, 2003

Victory on the Scrabble Board

What can I say, I’m on a roll. Ok, maybe two victories in a row isn’t quite a roll, but considering I just recently started playing Scrabble, and I regularly play with two English grads, I can’t help but want to pat myself on the back. I usually lose at the damn game, which is one of the more frustrating… more »

March 6, 2003

The Arrival of the PrayStation Hardrive

Yesterday also brought the arrival of the PrayStation Hardrive by Joshua Davis, a CD-Rom collecting 3,637 files (most of which being Flash source files) from the last several years. It really is an extraordinary thing, considering it’s just a CD-Rom with all of the work thrown on it in folders as if you had made it for yourself. So, the… more »

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March 5, 2003

Pins and Needles

This morning found me in the hospital, not in the ER, but in The Medical Arts Pavilion at Suburban General near Norristown. Don’t worry, I’m not dying, at least that’s what they tell me now. I went in for what is called an EMG, which stands for Sticking needles in your muscles and sending an electrical current through them. It… more »

March 4, 2003

A New Beginning

So, here we are again. Maybe some of you will remember my last web site (yes, both of you) which was online 2 years ago, and for those who know little or nothing about me, this will hopefully serve as a hasty introduction. Since then, a lot has happened. I acquired a fantastic job at Power Design (which the first… more »