March 28, 2003

Flash Forward 2003, San Francisco

The winners and finalists are up for the latest Flash Film Festival. This one has some very nice entries, which is refreshing after the last few lack-luster festivals. Of particular note are:




  • WDDG - The typography is great, but so is the rest of the site



  • 1 05 - Immersive visual experience and navigation

Motion Graphics

  • Elevation - Slick transitions and narrative.

Be sure to check out the other entries, these are just the ones I thought stood out the most.

Commentary (3):

1. Kevin Cornell says… apr 1, 2003 | 10:03 am

All this winners are great, but what about in the ‘Dorks Who Still Make Great Sites’ category?

2. Jason Santa Maria says… apr 1, 2003 | 10:52 am

Yeah, I would have cleaned house.

3. Kevin Cornell says… apr 2, 2003 | 8:05 am

here’s another one in the 3D category worth seeing: