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November 29, 2005

AIGA Podcasts for An Event Apart

An Event Apart kicks off in Philadelphia in just under one week! As one of the event’s sponsors, AIGA has taken it upon themselves to podcast some interviews with AEA’s speakers and mine just went up on the site. For more insight on AEA check out the other interviews: Jeffrey Zeldman part 1 and part 2, and Eric Meyer part… more »

November 21, 2005

On Passing On

I know I’ve been a little quiet the past couple of weeks. My grandfather passed away just over a week ago. I don’t write this for shock or sympathy, but because first and foremost, this site is for me. It would be a shame for me to not accurately record important parts of my life, even the most painful ones.… more »

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November 16, 2005

Branding Your Wedding

This is the last post about the wedding, I promise. A few months ago when we were really getting into the bulk of planning, we began talking about the invitations. The wedding consumed so much of my time, that I began to think of it as a client, so I figured why not treat it like a client too.… more »

November 8, 2005

Adobe Illustrator Rounding

Ok, this one goes out to all the Adobe Illustrator users out there. I upgraded to Adobe CS2 a few months back and have been on the whole very pleased. I love Adobe’s products, and they do oh so very much oh so well… but man, I should start a weekly feature on details they could improve upon. Lately… more »