Archive: February 2004

February 26, 2004

Brains… Braaaiiins… Uhggghhh

The original 1978 Dawn of the Dead by granddaddy to the zombie genre, George Romero, is easily one of the best zombie movies ever. The (then) proven setup; Zombies kill Kill KILL all of the non-zombies and the continuation of infection and infestation in Pittsburgh from the first installment Night of the Living Dead (literally one of the catalysts for… more »

February 19, 2004

The New Netscape?

What the hell is so new about The New Netscape? Seems like they are offering the same slow, memory-hogging, program polluted browser as before, but now you are paying for a connection too! You say, “Well, it must be new, the word new is underlined”. Yow! Add to all of this a horrible Flash 4 style “program tour” that butchers… more »

February 13, 2004

A Valentine’s Day Mystery

Our company provided cupcakes for a bit of Valentine’s Day cheer this afternoon (which immediately threw me back to memories of grade school and my pimpin’ days out on the school playground). The cupcakes were topped with those little candy hearts emblazoned with clever messages like “Be Mine”, “UR Cute”, and “True Love”. This time I came across a message… more »

February 11, 2004

Mozilla Firefox

There has been a flood of browser releases lately (a flood being relative). Two weeks ago Apple released Safari 1.2, last week the Omni Group released OmniWeb Public Beta 5.0, and this week Mozilla jumps back into the pool with Firefox 0.8, a renamed update to Mozilla Firebird due to trademark issues. Firefox is a terrific update to the lightweight,… more »

February 4, 2004

Music for the Day

Something Old The Proud… The Few… The Descendents are back with an upcoming EP and full-length in the works. What’s more, they finally have a proper website. Something New Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the archduke) has a very cool sound, and a nicely designed video for Take Me Out… yes, I say designed because it’s teeming with old typography… more »

February 2, 2004

A Throwback of Sorts

Saturday I saw The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Locust at the Troc, marking the first show I have been to in months. I hadn’t seen any of the bands live before, luckily it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I only caught the last song from the show opener Orthrelm, but they left a very good first impression. Next up was… more »