February 4, 2004

Music for the Day

Something Old
The Proud… The Few… The Descendents are back with an upcoming EP and full-length in the works. What’s more, they finally have a proper website.

Something New
Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the archduke) has a very cool sound, and a nicely designed video for Take Me Out… yes, I say designed because it’s teeming with old typography and printing references. Lovely treat for the designer in you (meaning me).

Something Borrowed (from ROb)
Well, it’s official, the Pixies are back in action (don’t suck don’t suck don’t suck). Please come to my town.

Something Blue
This last one isn’t music related, so just hum the Beach Boys’ Surfin’ Safari. Safari 1.2 has been released. There are some new features which seem like silly implementations considering what it still lacks; more customizable features (UI enhancements), a decent download manager, and more control over preferences (exporting/importing favorites, clearing your favicon cache). All the mini-applications created by third-parties to assist Safari are somewhat humbling. The new version has also made a nasty habit out of crashing, when no reason seems apparent. Get ready for many error reports Apple. Hooray. I love Safari, but it took a few steps back this time around.

Commentary (3):

1. PeterSantaMaria says… feb 5, 2004 | 11:27 am

Oh man! If the Descendents AND pixies tour, I say that makes for a good year of concert going!

2. Rob Weychert says… feb 5, 2004 | 2:58 pm

They’re actually going to merge into one group, called The Pixendents. They will play exclusively Was (Not Was) covers.

3. Cory R says… feb 9, 2004 | 3:19 pm

Does anyone have any idea who produced the ‘Take Me Out’ video? I would love to know who did the graphics and text overlayed, simply amazing and inspirational work.

If you find a name or contact info, please email me at CoryR@inorbit.com. Thanks in advance!