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April 24, 2008

Alphabet City

Last weekend I attended a typography walking tour around the Lower East Side of Manhattan led by Tobias Frere-Jones (of Hoefler & Frere-Jones fame). The tour focused mainly on engraved and painted signage from bygone years. Some examples were presented because they were so damn beautiful, and others were presented for the exact opposite reason, but all were very… more »

February 27, 2008

Clever Veggies

As I stood on the subway platform the other day, zoning out at the posters that line the walls, I snapped to attention as a most peculiar thing caught my eye: a poster for a movie called The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. I can honestly say I don’t know much about VeggieTales (the TV show… more »

February 20, 2008

New Zealand

Returning from New Zealand is a very sad endeavor. Not only do you get to endure a very long day—somewhere around 36 hours and involving numerous cars, planes, and sherpas—but you also must deal with leaving one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Speaking at Webstock (the impetus for the trip) was both an honor and a fabulous time. I’m… more »

November 29, 2007

Flap ‘n’ Snap PSA

The prospect is simple: a slacken-jawed subject flaps their face to and fro as fast as they can while camera wielding onlookers snap a photo. Without fail, hilarity ensues. But as fantastically hilarious as it is, the practice known as “Flap ‘n’ Snap” hides a much more terrifying dark side. A few months back a friend was lured into a… more »

June 12, 2007

Bangers and Mash

As I sat in Gatwick airport this past Sunday, waiting for my delayed flight to Philadelphia to begin boarding, I sleepily said goodbye to London. During my short stay for @media, my body refused to adjust to the time difference, sending my slouch-backed and bleary-eyed through the conference hallways, inflicting my stupor upon the kind attendees. Even when I was… more »

March 15, 2007

Bye Bye, South By

Once again we arrive home from a whirlwind SXSW not quite knowing where all the time went. I laughed and learned with good friends I don’t get to see nearly enough, and met so many more new people who will have to tell me their names again next year due to my sieve-like brain. The conference itself seemed to… more »

September 20, 2006

Coast to Coast

I’ve just come back from yet another crazy bit of traveling in a short amount of time. Liz and I woke up before sunrise on Saturday to participate in the MS City To Shore Bike Ride (thanks again to my kind sponsors!). All told, we rode nearly 80 miles (the first 20 of which were in the rain). Luckily for… more »

January 3, 2005

Ritornato d’Italia

Yessir, I’m back from a week in Italy. I experienced the new year a full six hours ahead of my friends at home. Suckers. The plane ride over was awful and turbulent the whole way. Many people around us spent the evening puking into bags and running for the bathroom. I joined them at intervals. We rented cars, since we… more »

December 8, 2004

Christmas in Rittenhouse Park

Tuesday night was beautiful. A little rain, a lot of fog, and the perfect backdrop to take pictures in the park. Every year in December, the trees in Rittenhouse Park, now stripped of their colorful leaves, get decked out with a colorful assortment of gigantic Christmas balls. Some are the size of a fist, some the size of a basketball.… more »

November 29, 2004

Upgrades and Downgrades

Daily Photography Given my newfound employment situation, I have had some time to rearrange a few things around here. First up, Weekly Photography is gone. Don’t cry, in its place you will now find Daily Photography! Every day you will hopefully be treated to a new photograph; just like before, there will be a photo thumb in the sidebar on… more »

October 28, 2004


Lunar eclipses throughout history have been viewed by some as harbingers of evil. Such a magnificent feat as the moon vanishing could only mean something bad was going to happen. The Chinese used to believe the moon was being swallowed by a gigantic dragon. Eskimos used to turn over their utensils to avoid contamination, and the Japanese used to cover… more »

October 25, 2004

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Your guide to my tastes! This is how I like to get in the mood for Halloween. These are not best-of lists, these are just some of my personal favorites, so don’t yell at me if you favorite movie sucks and didn’t make the cut. Also, I don’t claim to be well read (or listened), so if you think me… more »

September 21, 2004

Found Typography at File Magazine

The kind people at File Magazine, in their never-ending quest to collect unexpected photography, have decided to republish some selections from my recent set of photos, Found Typography. Since you all love photography, I can only assume that you love File Magazine. So, you will want to go there and enjoy the photos all over again. I promise they are… more »

September 14, 2004


If one were to look in the Photography section of this site, one would find two new collections of pictorial goodness. The first is a general assortment of signage, forgotten letterforms and typographic bits found in and around Philadelphia, it is called Found Typography. The second collection is from Labor Day, the day when workers lay down their pickaxes and… more »

May 17, 2004

Spring Upkeep

I managed to get around to some long overdue site updates and maintenance this weekend, and now have some treats for your viewing pleasure. A new set of photos called Procession of Saints which were taken this weekend in Bella Vista (in South Philadelphia) during the Bella Vista Festa. The Procession of Saints is a parade of sorts where a… more »

March 1, 2004

A Few Photographs

This weekend I had the pleasure of moving friends (and newlyweds) Kim and Kevin into their new house. Jeez, a house. I am still debating whether or not I want to be cowboy or a surgeon when I grow up. I am leaning towards a surgeon because of all the cute nurses I am led to believe there are (thanks… more »

November 3, 2003

All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween, the culmination of my favorite month. This year it was spent in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, the country’s second oldest Victorian Garden Cemetery. Which basically means it’s design was thoroughly planned out with areas for walkways, trees, and manicured environments. The first person was laid to rest on (in) its grounds in 1836. Since then its 96 acres… more »

August 18, 2003

What You’ve Been Waiting For

Nearly in time for next year’s party, the gorey pictures and video from the last birthday cut up, Camp Naked Terror 2 : Instruments of Death, are online for your viewing displeasure. Strap on your Flying V and have a looksey (also included is a animated tribute by Jeff Bandelin, as well as last year’s video and pictures). And when… more »

May 18, 2003

Karaoke and Kung Fu

Friday night I got to partake in some karaoke action with some friends at a sports bar called Mad Anthony’s (which was conveniently located beneath a nearby hotel). Now, as much as I like to frequent sports bars and yell at the TV therein as I spill beer on those around me, I must give the place credit. As far… more »