October 28, 2004



Lunar eclipses throughout history have been viewed by some as harbingers of evil. Such a magnificent feat as the moon vanishing could only mean something bad was going to happen. The Chinese used to believe the moon was being swallowed by a gigantic dragon. Eskimos used to turn over their utensils to avoid contamination, and the Japanese used to cover their wells to prevent them from being poisoned. Why did the moon get such a bad rap?

There was a lunar eclipse last night, so I climbed up onto my apartment building’s roof to have a gander. It couldn’t have come at a better time, beckoning us in to Halloween weekend. Foul deeds are afoot, my friends. Keep your eyes peeled! Here are a few tips… ya know… just in case:

  • Never venture outside into the darkness by yourself calling out your friends’ names as you look for them. You will just give monsters a target.
  • If a monster has re-appeared, listen to the old guy that no one listened to the first time.
  • Do your friends a favor, don’t appear suddenly from around a corner yelling “hey!”. Your friend is looking for a monster and trying not to get eaten, you giving them a heart attack won’t help.
  • When being chased by a monster, be sure to run extra fast, so that when you trip you will have time to get back up and not be eaten.
  • Never assume the monster is dead. In fact, even when your friend gets their face torn off by the monster, don’t think they are dead. They will probably come back and tear your face off.

Happy Halloween!


I folded faster than Superman on laundry day.
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Commentary (14):

1. Todd says… oct 28, 2004 | 11:19 am

That photo needs to be a desktop! Beautiful.

2. Gabriel Mihalache says… oct 28, 2004 | 11:34 am

The same day, in Romania, there was an earthquke. Things are bound to add up… it IS the end of it all!

3. jeff says… oct 28, 2004 | 11:56 am

…and if you ever get cornered, (especially by a wolfman) remember to kick him in the nards. It may be your only chance.

4. Nathan Logan says… oct 28, 2004 | 12:09 pm

I hope you didn’t look directly into the moon…it’ll burn your retina.

5. Shaun Inman says… oct 28, 2004 | 12:58 pm

Wolfman doesn’t have nards! ;)

6. Greg says… oct 28, 2004 | 1:54 pm

I seond the desktop request.

7. Jason Santa Maria says… oct 28, 2004 | 3:55 pm

Well, both of you got your wish. Desktops for all!

8. jeff says… oct 28, 2004 | 4:32 pm
9. Todd says… oct 28, 2004 | 4:40 pm

The Predator is in Philly? Great…someone get the two governors over here right away!

10. Jeff Wheeler says… oct 28, 2004 | 7:10 pm

I saw it last night as well, but seemed to have forgotten to take a picture.

You live next to a building with smoke-stacks? That must be aweful. I’m sorry. And I like the colors in your photo. :D

11. niff says… oct 29, 2004 | 8:13 am

its an old chiminey.
its actually very cool up there. right stan?

12. Jason Santa Maria says… oct 30, 2004 | 9:11 am

Yes and yes, Niff. Don’t worry Jeff, I don’t live under a processing plant or anything. My roof has a pretty slick view.

13. Jon Hicks says… oct 31, 2004 | 5:58 pm

Thats some quality advice there!

Don’t forget, some monsters actually turn out to be the good guys, and they’re not chasing you, they’re trying to protect you from another monster you’ve not seen yet. You only find this out once you’ve tripped up, don’t have any energy left, and the monster towers over you.

14. AkaXakA says… nov 1, 2004 | 11:23 am

Tip nr 6: Always have your portable rocket launcher with you when emberking on a monster hunt on a night of the lunar eclips. (It’s also quite handy for prosecuting (non-monster) trespassers).

PS. Yes, I do speak from experience, why do you ask?