November 2, 2004

Back to Life

Well, here we are again. I know I am a couple days late reverting back to the normal site skin… I had trouble letting go of October. But, fear not, October lives on in our (undead) hearts. I would not take it away from you (or me) entirely. All of the entries that took place in October will don the bloody styles forevermore.

I have some good stuff planned before year’s end, so hang around. I promise, even though I just sold my GameCube and bought a PS2 with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I will make a valiant effort to remain attentive and productive in the coming weeks. If not, I will at least smile and nod politely.

Commentary (13):

1. Rakesh Pai says… nov 3, 2004 | 1:24 am

What? No Blood???

2. Daniel Oliver says… nov 3, 2004 | 4:25 am

Yeah, I like this one, but I really really liked the other. Looked great. This will do though :)

3. Joaquin says… nov 3, 2004 | 5:40 am

Funny - here at my home the PS2 is collecting dust while the GC is used nearly every day. :)

4. Jason Santa Maria says… nov 3, 2004 | 7:22 am

Correct, no blood for now. It will continue to appear in the October archive pages like here… but that’s it. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Joaquin - it was tough to let go, but I just don’t get games for it. Nothing really looks fun. Originally I played some of the new Resident Evils, but then they kinda went to shit. The last Mario Kart was less than impressive (compared to the N64 version which never got old). It got to be an easy choice.

5. Matt Davis says… nov 3, 2004 | 7:46 am

You’ve made the right choice, my friend! (well maybe you should have given plasma to keep the GC) San Andreas is an awesome game! A triumph of the human spirit. Keep us posted with your progress in the game!

6. Nathan Pitman says… nov 3, 2004 | 8:50 am

PS2 rocks. You should checkout Burnout 3 too…

7. RJ Hampden says… nov 3, 2004 | 9:08 am

I played that Burnout 3 last night. Causing the largest accident possible is your goal. It sounded like a real dumb game and it looked pretty dumb, but once it was my turn to pilot my ‘billy beater’ into city traffic and press B to detonate an explosive, I was hooked.

Your turn (if you play with multiple people) is literally 30 seconds long. A lot more fun than I though it’d be.

8. Jason Beaird says… nov 3, 2004 | 11:23 am

It’s definitely time to let go of Halloween for this year, but does that mean it’s time to start Christmas? I saw garland up at a shopping center yesterday. I hope they hold off on the “It’s a Wonderful Life” airings.

9. Derek Nelson says… nov 3, 2004 | 11:39 am

But there’s some good games coming to the gamecube, and you couldn’t have made a lot of money on it…

10. Derek Nelson says… nov 3, 2004 | 11:49 am

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, Resident Evil 4 (This RE looks good), Legend of Zelda (This will be great), Star Fox Assault, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Britney’s Dance Beat 6 … The list goes on … well, not really …

11. Jason Santa Maria says… nov 3, 2004 | 11:49 am

Well, I made enough to buy a PS2 :D

Nice redesign Jason!

12. paul haine says… nov 3, 2004 | 2:49 pm

Then there’s Pikmin 2, Paper Mario, Tales of Symphonia, and Killer 7 as well…

Nintendo owns me. I need that DS…

13. nick says… nov 3, 2004 | 3:51 pm

for me it’s Halo 2. I’ve still got the GC, but with the exception of the occasional Time Splitters 2 and Mario Kart (yeah, n64 version stil owns), and monsters inc when my son plays, it gathers dust.

but halo 2. my xbox needs it, as do i. I will be completely unproductive in about 6 days’ time…hope my wife doesn’t divorce me, or my boss fire me…