Archive: June 2005

June 23, 2005

Birthday Fraud

Well, another year has passed, today I am 27, and speeding down the backside of my third decade. This year brought with it some big changes like the shock of self-employment, and the even greater shock of engagement. All welcome and exciting changes no doubt, but decidedly more “adult” than I’ve ever had to be in the past. By this… more »

June 22, 2005

The Blind Eye Ideal

After getting myself in the mindset to get some work done, I am faced with the next conundrum; ensuring the quality of the design I produce. Some days I feel like all the good ideas are eluding me. Most times it’s not that the good ideas aren’t there, it’s just that I’m not creating a good environment to help them… more »

June 8, 2005

Viva la Revolution?

First it was reported that select past generation Nintendo games would be free to Nintendo Revolution owners. Now reports of a flip flop have been coming in, old Nintendo games will not be free. They may in fact cost a little chunk of change or be bundled with new games. Get it straight Nintendo. Why are you concerned with cornering… more »

June 6, 2005

Camp Naked Terror 4

This weekend brought with it the fourth annual Camp Naked Terror party, and I am glad to say it was another bloody massacre. As in previous years, Camp Naked Terror is the celebration of three June birthdays, Rob, Sutter, and myself (as well as a surrogate fourth from Pete’s September birthday). Each year the doors to the camp swing… more »