Archive: May 2006

May 24, 2006

Our House is a Home

Well, we’ve been in our house almost three months now and things are going great. save a few mishaps. The day before we moved in, the hot water heater broke and flooded the basement with it’s musty contents. A couple weeks later, the basement once again filled with water, this time due to a drainage backup; it turns out… more »

May 22, 2006

Pardon The Dust

I’ve been poking around under the hood all weekend making some updates to the site structure. It’s likely lots of stuff is broken or spurting blood, but don’t be alarmed, everything will be fixed shortly. There may even be an improvement or two. Sit tight, there’ll be more soon.….. more »

May 1, 2006

Pretty Ugly

This is getting really old. At the risk of adding to the noise, I feel like I still have to speak up. As the design vs un-design debate rages on, there seems to be an increasing amount of generalization. What are you really fighting about? If the un-design proponents are right, do they win a bland internet? And if the… more »