Archive: April 2006

April 28, 2006

Road Show

Today through the weekend I will be away as I travel down to Richmond, Virginia to sit in as one of the judges for the Richmond Show, the annual Richmond Ad Club awards. I don’t know if anyone from Richmond reads this site, but perhaps I will see you at the Show or at the inevitable party afterwards. It’s a… more »

April 26, 2006

In Progress: Site Design

Last time with “In Progress: Logo Design” we talked about the client project I’m working on with Cameron Moll for the design and rebirth of the National Gazette, a previously-defunct newspaper more than 200 years old. After some revisions, the client decided on the logo direction—which you can now see on the placeholder site—and we proceeded on to layouts… more »

April 13, 2006

Under The Loupe #5: Visual Thinking

After a brief hiatus, Under The Loupe is back. This week we will be flexing that lump of worms between your ears. One of the biggest things that can separate a good design from a great design is a strong concept. Strong concepts don’t always just come to us; sometimes they take work. Perhaps not real physical labor, but… more »

April 10, 2006

The Descent

I only got to see one film in this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival, and luckily it was damn good. The film is a UK horror movie called The Descent—from Dog Soldiers director and scribe, Neil Marshall—and screened as part of the Danger After Dark showings. On the surface it bears a similar direction to last year’s snore-fest The Cave,… more »