August 18, 2003

What You’ve Been Waiting For

Nearly in time for next year’s party, the gorey pictures and video from the last birthday cut up, Camp Naked Terror 2 : Instruments of Death, are online for your viewing displeasure. Strap on your Flying V and have a looksey (also included is a animated tribute by Jeff Bandelin, as well as last year’s video and pictures). And when you are done there, check out a few additional CNT2 pictures from the party in the Photography section.

Commentary (3):

1. PeterSantaMaria says… aug 18, 2003 | 11:22 am


Whoever put that song from Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter as the background music on that video is a complete fuckin’ genius!



2. Kevin Cornell says… aug 18, 2003 | 4:31 pm

I finally have video footage of Stan’s nipple.

3. sutter says… aug 18, 2003 | 8:58 pm

cornells HIP-notic hips are music to my eyes.