August 12, 2003

The Big Move: Part 2

Well, we are finally in the new apartment. The move was marked this past Saturday with a whole lotta lifting, sweating, swearing and whining from all invloved parties. But its done! Four flights down, four flights back up makes for an awful way to spend your time. Everything went almost perfectly…until the battery in the moving truck died just before we were going to return it. Damn you U-Haul, why can things never be easy with you? Thanks to everyone who helped, I owe you all heating pads.


So, here we are now, right off Rittenhouse Square, one of the city’s swanky quarters. It is odd living in such a hip and trendy area (as much as I thought there would be a monocle and top hat for me and a poodle and SUV waiting for the lady). Our main motivation for the location choice (beyond the really fucking slick apartment) was the close proximity to the park and train. So far as we can tell, the move was the right choice. We are still near to all of our friends and frequent haunts, as well as Monk’s, one of the city’s best resturants for foreign beer selections. Best of all, though its only a one bedroom, the place is big enough to have more than one person in a room at a time (unlike some of the other apartments we looked at).