August 8, 2003

De-Loused in the Comatorium

Whether founded or unfounded, by saying this I risk similar commentary to my last post from my three regular visitors; I just aquired the new Mars Volta album, and it fucking rocks.

A few years ago my two favorite bands were probably the Murder City Devils and At the Drive-In. One of the best shows in recent memory brought both bands together on the same stage (started off by The (International Noise) Conspiracy) at the TLA. Well, the Murder City Devils unfortunately broke up, reformed (kinda) into Dead Low Tide and broke up again shortly thereafter. At the Drive-In followed suit, split up to form two other bands, Sparta and The Mars Volta. After enjoying ATDI so much, I didn’t want a poor man’s version of them, so I never really got into Sparta (Reader: “That’s just cause you’re so emo now.” Author: “Get bent.”).

With guitars and synthesizers in hand, The Mars Volta picks up right where ATDI left off. Their new (and debut) album, De-Loused in the Comatorium, blends some of the great hardcore, balls-to-the-wall guitar driven structure of ATDI and brings in some new depth with bits of free form Jazz and droning electronica. The songs retain a good helping of ATDI’s pop accessibility, while opening the door for some more experimental compositions. The afro rock is back!

For those who will cry emo foul again, I offer this alternative to today’s post: The President Bush action figure. Wow, he has really been hitting the gym.

Commentary (1):

1. mary says… aug 8, 2003 | 11:54 am

sigh. the emo never ends.