February 2, 2004

A Throwback of Sorts

Saturday I saw The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Locust at the Troc, marking the first show I have been to in months. I hadn’t seen any of the bands live before, luckily it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I only caught the last song from the show opener Orthrelm, but they left a very good first impression. Next up was Your Enemies’ Friends’ uneventful set, and The Locust, clad in all-white outfits (including masks) who brought the rock hard and (really) fast. Dillinger electrified the stage (quite literally with a crazy industrial lighting setup they brought with them), flailing limbs and lungs throughout their set, and in the end gaining a mountain of respect by not doing the lame encore shit which has become commonplace. You know: band leaves stage, instruments still plugged in, house lights still down…band peeks heads out from backstage to wait for re-entry applause.

I ended up at the Philadelphia Auto Show on Sunday. Any of you who know me can probably imagine what kind of guy I am when it comes to cars, but my father gets free passes every year…so what the hell. Sadly, there were no flying cars, or transforming cars, or even any sort of cars that could drive themselves. The automotive industry’s future looks bleak! Actually, Honda has a pretty cool hybrid that gets some damn fine gas mileage.

Last night I watched a football game! What’s more I was even at a party to watch the game! I played football in high school but I really don’t enjoy watching it, though this is the big game of the year (a super game if you will) and I usually tune in for the commercials. I realize that is the stock everyone-who-isn’t-into-football answer (like when people say they read Playboy for the articles), but even the commercials were a snore. The “wardrobe malfunction” was fun, but I really wish this commercial had been aired…

Commentary (1):

1. Kevin Cornell says… feb 2, 2004 | 12:59 pm

You watched the “Big Game”, eh? With Biff? Did you guys wear your jerseys? Who wore the beer helmet?