March 12, 2003

A Passing Thought

Do you think that the plethora of reality TV shows out now has caused a boom in the cameraman profession? With the growing number of these shows the need for people to handle the cameras must also grow. Just flipping through the channels (FOX being the most prolific offender) on any given night will show you how many new reality concoctions there are, from people letting America choose their spouse to the sordid adventures of college fraternity pledges. All of these shows require countless cameramen to record every waking second of the subjects’ lives. Is cameraman the new throw-away trade for college walk-throughs? Will the universities be robbed of Accounting and Marketing majors? Maybe the next reality TV show will be the glamorous life of the reality TV cameraman. Which I suppose will only create more of a need in the industry. I am just waiting for the inevitable real-life version of The Running Man.

Commentary (4):

1. Kevin Cornell says… mar 13, 2003 | 7:51 am

Well, maybe most of the cameras are operated by robots? Did you think of that? Huh? Did ya? DID YA?!

2. mary says… mar 13, 2003 | 8:17 am

or monkeys. monkeys vs. robots.

3. Kevin Cornell says… mar 13, 2003 | 9:21 am

Oh my god! Robots would lose so hard!

4. Peter Santa Maria says… mar 13, 2003 | 2:25 pm

All I have to say is…

FOX’s MAN vs. BEAST was one of the BEST SHOWS EVER!

Dood, a guy RACED a giraffe in a 100M sprint! AND the giraffe WON!

‘Nuff Said.